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Haley B.J.- 2023

Kerri is an absolutely amazing trainer! On top of being extremely knowledgeable, accommodating, challenging (in a good way!), and encouraging, she is a great person and makes working out fun! Normal gym workouts have always seemed boring and tedious, but she makes it different every time and tailors the moves to you! If you have ever wanted to do something good for your body, sign up for a session.

You won’t regret it!

One year of making time for myself rather than making excuses. One year of showing up for zoom workouts with Kerri (most of the time at 5am), making better choices, and learning that progress is not linear. There are no shortcuts or secrets that I have found other than to keep showing up and giving yourself grace. One year and almost 50 lbs later I am insanely proud of the strength I have gained both mentally and physically. 2022 was pretty great here’s to 2023.

Jessica T. - 2023

Kerri is not only an amazing coach/trainer - but a stellar human being. She is kind, funny, and knows how to push her clients. To say she has transformed my views on fitness is an understatement. I initially sought out a trainer during the pandemic when I could feel my back becoming weak from the WFH lifestyle. After months of trying to make a routine in my home, I knew I needed support to get back on track. Here I am almost three years later still working with Kerri. I feel more confident, and I'm doing things I never thought I would be able to do in the gym (or at home - hello moving a 200lb dresser up stairs with my husband?!). This isn't about before/after photos. This is about feeling strong AF, empowered, and connecting to your body.

Lauren P. - 2022

Starting coaching with Kerri was one of the best decisions I've made! Everything we do is specific to my needs and goals, and she's incredibly supportive. Our workouts are challenging and push me, but they're simple enough for me to repeat on days when I workout on my own. Kerri creates a clear plan, she explains the benefits of all our the exercises we do, and she tracks my improvement. I can't recommend her enough!

Dana - 2020

Kerri is the coolest, kindest, most motivating and most patient trainer ever. Literally getting me through the pandemic. I’m so much stronger now
and very grateful for her!
I love training with Kerri and her FitFam friends! She always tailors my private coaching sessions to my personal needs and goals and each session builds on the previous one. Working out with her is so much more fun than working out on my own!

Kate R. - 2021

Mallory D. - 2020

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